See the world by Private Jet!

One of the most ultimate ways of traveling the world is by private jet! A luxury jet expedition is the most efficient and hassle-free way to see the world.

TCS World Travel has over 30 years’ experience and they’re the leaders of private jet travel. Today we’re going to take a deep look at what it’s like to travel on a private jet and what destinations you can visit.

Let’s take a closer look at a private jet journey…

TCS World Travel are pioneers in the Private Jet Travel industry:

  • They have over 30 years of experience
  • About 20 itineraries offered each year
  • 300+ jet expeditions completed150+ countries visited
  • 200+ destinations explored
  • Partner for luxury hotels and tour operators like the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Smithsonian Journeys, Kalos Gold & Others

TCS stands for Travel Connect and Share. It truly is all about their guests.

They scout every single destination before they plan an itinerary.

Before the jet lands they have a scout team that makes sure that everything is prepared so that when you arrive, everything is set up to your expectations.

This is an elevated level of experience!

Some advantages:

  • Expedited airport security whenever possible
  • Expedited immigration
  • Global access to private air terminals where available
  • Fly direct, reducing total flight time while avoiding layovers
  • Flexibility to adjust the route when necessary
  • Customized journey routes to avoid jet lag
  • Minimized airport wait time as well as flight legs

One of the most popular itineraries offered is the classic Around the World by Private Jet.

This itinerary is offered several times a year.

24 days and just 52 guests. 11 of the world’s most legendary places and natural wonders.

You start in Orlando, Florida and you fly west. Visit some of the most amazing places all over the world.

  • Cusco and Machu Picchu or the North Coast, Peru 
  • Easter Island, Chile Nadi, Fiji 
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia 
  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia 
  • Taj Mahal and Jaipur, India 
  • Serengeti Plain or Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania 
  • Luxor and Cairo, Egypt 
  • Marrakech, Morocco 

Finishing back in Orlando, FL.

If you did this itinerary on your own, it would take much longer, be more of a hassle and cost more. 

The difference is in the numbers: 

  • 24 vs 34 days commercial 
  • 73 vs 112 hours of travel time 
  • 15 vs 26 flights 
  • 9 vs 84 hours spent at airports (this is amazing!) 


Yes, it is a high price point.  But recreating a trip like this would be higher.  Commercial flights (not all might be first class like this) + meals + luxury hotels would cost nearly $100k.  This is even before tours, transfers, gratuities, etc.  And not all flights have first class. 

As an example, the October 5, 2023 Around the World 24-day journey is $124,950 per person. If you put this trip together on your own you would be spending well over this amount. 

The Experience:

  • Dedicated 16-member flight crew attending to each guest’s needs.  Luggage handler transporting baggage.  Expedition staff managing every detail throughout the trip.  Onboard chef and journey physician. 
  • Skip the lines and enjoy access to local sites. 
  • Small group tours with locally vetted guides; customization and private touring options available. 
  • Customs and immigration forms filled out on each guest’s behalf. 
  • Local currency provided in each destination.  Pre-stamped postcards and locally made gifts provided. 
  • All-inclusive pricing, down to tours, most alcohol and all gratuities. 
  • Dedicated Guests Services Manager arranging all pre-trip details including visa kits, customization and touring options, dietary preferences, packing lists, etc. 
  • Expert lecturers educating guests throughout the trip. 
  • No overnight flights; guests sleep in a luxury hotel every night of the trip. 
  • You’ll sleep in outstanding accommodations every night, whether it’s a glamorous tented camp, an opulent palace or shimmering seaside resort. 

The New Airbus 321 Jet is pure Luxury at 40,000 feet.  Holds 52 first class seats.  Four Seasons holds 48 because they have a small lounge area in the back.  Commercially it would hold 195 people.    

  • Largest cabin by height and width of any single-isle aircraft 
  • 6.5 feet of personal space in full-seat recline & spacious overhead bins 
  • Custom-made leather seats handcrafted in Italy 
  • Hospital-grade air filtration system, removes 99.9% of particles, viruses and bacteria 
  • Menus developed by an executive chef
  • Global Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment and an enhanced onboard presentation system 


The flights alone make this so easy – no layovers, only direct flights.  Minimal time spent waiting in airports because of expedited security & immigration as well as private terminals/FBOs. 

Minimal time spent waiting in lines for touring – private or special access to most sites. 

In addition to group tours like this, TCS also offers private tours. So whether you have a family, small group, couple, or solo guest, we can set up a private jet tour for anyone. And anything goes! Pretty much whatever you can think of, TCS will make it happen. 


You’ll travel with a journey physician on all jet expeditions. 

They work with multiple security firms to plan trips as well as to monitor groups on the ground 

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