Four Seasons Yachts! New Updates From The Ultra-Luxury Yacht Line!

Four Seasons has been releasing some info here and there and there has been some recent announcements which we’ll talk about today.

The first thing the Four Seasons wants you to know is that it is not a licensing deal.  It’s a partnership.  What this means is that the Four Seasons is not just leasing their name. They are partners with highly experienced yacht operators.

Four Seasons will operate the guest experience on the yacht.  They’ll run the hotel operations.  All of the land experiences.  It’ll be run by Four Seasons trained personnel and their management.  The very best of the best.

What makes it Four Seasons?  Everything will.  When you walk into a suites, bathrooms, restaurants, public spaces, it’s at Four Seasons standards.  Down to the sound quality.  The height of the beds.  The side table and chest. Everything down to the small details. It will be a super mega yacht.

Their objective is to build the world’s best! The first ship will start sailing late 2025. A second ship in late 2026 and a third in late 2027.

The first sailing is a holiday voyage from Miami to the Caribbean in late 2025. This sailing will be in HIGH demand!

The yachts Inspiration:
Four Seasons is using the Christina O Yacht as the inspiration for their new yacht. The Christina O was owned by Aristotle Onassis, he was a Greek shipping magnate, back in the 1950’s. It was the most luxurious private yacht of her time.

Another inspiration is the Surf Club, the Four Seasons hotel in Surfside, Florida. This is the place that Winston Churchill did a lot of his paintings.  It was a private club during prohibition.  Social club of the elite in its day.  It’s grown to be one of the highest rated Four Seasons properties!  It’s the inspiration for this yacht.  Old and new. 

The yacht will follow the sun. 

  • South of France
  • Italian riviera like Capri, Amalfi Coast
  • The Greek Isles
  • The Caribbean
    They’ll go where the mega rich go and WANT to go. 

The average cruise will be 7 days.  There are 137 unique destinations in 33 countries in its first deployment.

Curated yacht moments – Put the anchor down,  get to marina and enjoy the waterways. 
A trans-verse marina, the only one of its kind.  Meaning across.  Port and starboard side marinas.  It will be stunning.  Water-sports equipment on one side.  Teak tenders on the other.  The luxurious teak tenders will be rent-able.  Swimming in the waterways off the marina and yacht toys of every kind.

Highly bespoke shore experiences, as well as one-of-a-kind overland adventures. Custom made limos.  Not just any type of limo, it will be a piece of art.  So you’ll be able to take private excursions in luxurious Four Seasons limos. Not just hired limousine drivers.

On board there will be a mixology area, several restaurants to choose from.  They’ll have a massive TV to watch any major sports events.

The price point. This will not be an inexpensive cruise. The average starting price point is going to be around $35,000 for a couple. It’ll go up from there as you go up in suite category. The deposit amount is $10,000 to reserve the trip.

It’s a high price point. But this is not for everyone.

The yacht:

  • 679 feet long, 89 ft wide and 14 decks
  • 95 all-suite accommodations
  • Minimum of 581 sq feet and up. Minimum ceiling height of close to 8 feet.
  • 11 onboard restaurants
  • Health and wellness center with a full spa, salon, and wellness program
  • 66 foot long swimming pool on the yacht.  No other yacht has that on a vessel this size.
  • Two marinas that we talked bout earlier.
  • The Funnel Suite is over 9,600 sq feet and takes up the TOP 4 flours of the ship. You’re on top of the world here! Private spa and personal pool. The bottom floor is a full deck apartment with a private kitchen and access to private deck outside.

You can have a full deck on the yacht as a private villa.  It’s not connecting by door.  It’s a moveable wall so it’ll feel like a real large suite.  This fantastic for extended family. Staff quarters. Business retreats. And much more.

This will be a totally different experience than anything else that’s out there now. The difference will be the staff and the way they treat you. The Four Seasons way.

Itineraries are scheduled to drop in January.

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